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Bug Findings/Reports

In this area of my portfolio, I will be highlighting bugs/glitches within games that I have put a tear-watering amount of time playing and nether the less enjoyed. But there is always ONE bug or glitch that can put you off the game as a whole sometimes even make you rage quit and not pick up a controller or turn on your PC for days maybe even weeks. 

Within these pages, we will explore some of the bugs that have impacted some of the most influential games in my life from becoming the masterpieces they deserved to become. Keep in mind most of these games took years to make and had very small teams and not a lot of funding. For example, Subnauctica was made by a small team at the time and nearly shut down at one stage during its early development. But thanks to Popular YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier they created a well-loved community for the game to grow to its full potential and also made it more popular by the day. Which in the end made an amazing game!!


For Subnauctica the development for this game is something quite different and unique to most games being made today in the sense of the developers behind the game Unknown Worlds had a rocky time funding the game with that came not the most ideal foundations for an underwater game. With this, it came with a lot of glitches and unplayable portions of the game which needed more development and testing.

The first video to the right is the teaser trailer for the game Subnauctica.             

The second video I've linked is a mini-documentary by 'ThatGuyGlen' of the journey the Devs went through in deeper depth to publish this game.

Subnauctica - Cyclops disappears when loading Bug

With this bug, there are a lot of things wrong with the water dynamics as when you have glitched out of the submarine and you are out on the open water, but the game still thinks you are inside of the sub so you are not swimming in the water, just walking, but as you can imagine there is no easy terrain to walk on within the sea.....

So you can imagine what happens next, you either fall to your death, or the better option is to manage to walk across the seabed far enough away that the game finally realizes that you are no longer inside of the sub and then starts acting accordingly to the environment around you.

The video I linked is from 'Keith Ballard' he is well known for showcasing these popular glitches from the early stages of Subnauctica. *caution* adult language within the video.

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